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Press Release - Destination Business Program Thrives

Press Release - Destination Business Program Thrives

Destination Business Program Thrives: Empowering Entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan and Manitoba

[Outlook, Saskatchewan, January 18, 2024] - The fall of 2023 marked the successful launch of the Destination Business Program, thanks to the generous support from the Rural Opportunity Fund (ROF) 2.0 and Community Futures Mid-Sask. Over the next two years, this program will empower small businesses in Saskatchewan and Manitoba as they develop their destination potential. With an aim to guide entrepreneurs as they identify their company’s unique and compelling qualities, the program focuses on marketing, leadership development, business collaboration and much more.

By the end of 2023, the program had already achieved impressive results:

  • 274 Participants Trained: A total of 274 participants accessed training through the Destination Business Program, gaining valuable insights and skills to enhance their business operations.
  • Destination Creation Courses Delivered: The program has successfully delivered three Destination Creation Courses, providing participants with foundational knowledge to position their businesses as destinations.
  • Connector Sessions Offered: 'Canva Magic Studio,' 'Reels for Small Business,' and 'ChatGPT & Your Small Business,' were delivered, each session delving into game-changing topics to uplift small businesses.
  • High Recommendation Rate: When asked whether they would recommend Destination Business sessions to fellow business owners, an overwhelming 96% responded with a resounding YES, attesting to the program's effectiveness and impact.
Press Release - Destination Business Program Launch

Press Release - Destination Business Program Launch

Destination Business Program Approved for ROF 2.0 Funding, Set to Launch in October 2023 in Saskatchewan and Manitoba

[Outlook, Saskatchewan, September 19, 2023] – Community Futures Mid-Sask is thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated Destination Business Program has received approval for the Rural Opportunity Fund (ROF) 2.0 funding and will be delivering courses as soon as October 2023. This innovative program is poised to transform small businesses into thriving destinations, helping entrepreneurs discover their company’s unique qualities and enabling them to stand out in the marketplace.

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