Program Overview


Become a Destination Business!

Showcase your company’s uniqueness & stand out in the crowd.

Join our Destination Business Program where you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals through the Destination Creation Course
  • Deep dive into game-changing business topics through monthly Connector Series sessions
  • Access guidance through one-on-one Destination Coaching, and
  • Create a power network by collaborating with other like-minded Destination Businesses

The consumer marketplace has been changing at a rapid pace, and customer expectations have put demands on entrepreneurs to be authentic, unique and service-focused. The online environment has increased competition, so small businesses need to expand their market, pulling in visitors from outside their local region. Establishing themselves as one-of-a-kind businesses that customers will travel to and buy from...that is destination building at its core.

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Community Futures (CF) has provided loans, advice and support to entrepreneurs in Canada for over 30 years. CF Mid-Sask’s innovative Destination Business Program provides entrepreneurs...
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