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The Destination Creation course is packed with ideas, strategies and key takeaway concepts. To supplement the course, please access these websites or download these handy tools:

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Destination Business Program:

Q: I'm a solo-preneur and will find it hard to dedicate time to a 6-week program. Other commitments may get in the way at times! Can I still enrol in the course?

A: Yes, please join our Destination Creation course. We get it, a business owner's day is busy. You may need to help a customer or answer a priority call. During your Destination Creation course, you can slip away briefly and re-join the group (on Zoom call). Your facilitator can help you catch up on the material you missed.


Q: What kinds of businesses take the Destination Creation course? I'm not sure mine is the right 'fit'.

A: Any independent business that has unique and compelling aspects to it is right for this program! Whether you own a home-based business or storefront, solo/micro business or large enterprise, this course can assist you!  Businesses from ag repair shops and plumbing companies to spas, restaurants and retail clothing companies have taken the Destination Creation course and LOVED it! See what our clients say!


Q: Will the sessions be recorded?

A: No, the sessions in the Destination Business Program won't be recorded. Join us online, at the session start time for the LIVE experience!


Q: I have additional questions about the Destination Business Program. Who can I talk to to find out more?

A: Contact us at , outline your questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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